Pride by Rachel Vincent

Pride - Rachel Vincent

Okay, THIS is the book where Rachel Vincent finally gets it together.

There’s no backstory slowing the opening pace.

There’s no mamby-pambying about.

We’re taken straight to the heart of the matter and one mishap follows another in a roller coaster of excitement and action. Plus, Marc and Faythe make up–although the cruel cruel author gives it with one hand and then whippeth it away with the other (poor characters).

This is the book that 100% had me sold and where I failed to wonder if I should read on–I now have to read on.

Yes, the author still repeats herself and doesn’t give the reader enough credit to remember stuff on their own, but she’s doing it less. I said I love to follow through on a writers journeys and be able to visibly see the progress in their writing abilities, and Vincent has definitely begun to show me hers. I am not disappointed. This was her first novel to earn 4* from me.