Somnium by Keri Lake

Somnium - Keri Lake

I’m not that well read in the angel/demon path of the pnr genre–this was only my second foray. And whilst it was a far throw from the first one I read, this one was still enjoyable–in a weird and darkly twisted kind of way. No, it’s not scary. Maybe if I try and organise my thoughts, the comment will make more sense–which probably warrants a random rambling alert.

Here goes:

- the opening seemed a little slow. HOWEVER, I think if it had been sped up much more, the attraction/connection that Allie has for/with Colton would have been horribly forced and would have in no way worked. ALSO, despite there not seeming to be very much happening or a whole lot of action (which is what I’m more used to when I pick up this genre), the reader has only to read between the lines to sense the heavy weight of foreboding that has been rather clever woven in. It’s not slap-upside-the-head obvious, but it’s there. You simply have to allow yourself to immerse in Allie’s world and you’ll find it.

- Colton. Yes, I liked him. HOWEVER (There’s deffo more to that guy and his hierarchical place than meets the eye. It was more than hinted at from quite early on in the book (if you’re paying attention) and then pretty much confirmed later on in the book (if you’re paying more attention than Allie was), but he’s left as one huge lose thread–which is fine as I happen to know this is the first book in a trilogy (?–possibly longer?).

- Colton. We’re told what he is–kinda. But we don’t have the full scope of just what he can do, what his rules are, what kind of ‘law’ he’s expected to follow or who moulds said ‘law’. I’m fine with this. The answers Allie eventually gets are right at the end of the book and I get that she didn’t want to push her luck and demand his life story in one blast–but I’m very much hoping for more background on him. I’d also like some firmer answers as to why he felt the attraction he did to Allie. What it is about her that made him willing to risk breaking the rules. Why he fell in love with her specifically–especially as he called her ‘his Queen’ (if I recall correctly) in one of Allie’s earlier dreams. There HAS to be more to this relationship than we’ve so far been shown and I’m eager to discover that.

- the work site. What the heck’s going on there? There are the red molecule thingies that have been sent off for testing. And then there was that comment made quite near the end by one of the other workers about it smelling of Brimstone (*stare* Helllooooooooooooooo! Alarm bells ringing, anyone?) PLUS, I WANT to know why it only seems to have affected that one worker out of all of them? Was he the only one who’d gotten close enough (if it says, I apologise, but I didn’t catch it if it did). But then, Allie was exposed quite badly to it when the blast happened, so how did she get off with only a rash that faded? Do we get more of an explanation for this? Or are we left to wonder just how much of a role Colton played in how unscathed she ended up?  This is another dangling thread that I’ll be looking for a tight knot on in later book(s). And this lot again brings me back to Jim–because I reckon he has a lot to do with what’s going on but he’s just been too good an actor and managed to stay below the radar.

- Shane. Where did he pop up from? Why did he pop up when he did? What’s his purpose in the story? Was that who Allie heard Colton talking to as she was coming round after the blast? Is he just a ghost? I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him, and I’m not entirely sad about that.

And on that note, I think I’ll shut up. Maybe. If you want to know if this one’s worth reading, I’d have to say YES! Don’t be put off by what appears to be a slow start. It’s not that’s it’s a slow start, it’s just that the ball has only begun rolling on its build up to the crescendo. The story gets better and better and more and more compelling and I read the final 50% of the book in pretty much one sitting.