The P.U.R.E. by Claire Gillian

The P.U.R.E. - Claire Gillian

That knock down of the half star rating is most possibly due to my own lacking. Because I struggled slightly with the opening of this one. Not with the writing–that’s smooth and fluid. But with keeping track of the corporate hierarchy and the who’s who.

And (if I’m honest) I struggled to follow exactly what it was they were uncovering. I know this is everything to do with the fact I’ve never worked/had dealings with a corporate company and absolutely nothing to do with this story.

Because aside from that little mission, I found this to be a truly enjoyable read.

Gayle’s just an adorable character. Her witty narration kept me entertained from the word go.

And Jon? There’s little else to say about him but: YUM!

This tale certainly contains a bit of everything: suspense, mystery, some real LOL moments, a little bit of corniness, a tad of tension … THE HOT GUY<<<most important …. need I say more. Read it. You’ll enjoy it. :)