Daimon by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Daimon (Covenant, #0.5) - Jennifer L. Armentrout

I already knew this story was a prequel to the series and so expected it to be more of a taster than a full tale. However, I am slightly bummed that I was well and truly left hanging. I haven’t read the teaser for ‘Half-Blood’ that’s tucked into the end because I’ll be reading on and would rather wait for the story in its entirety, but I’m assuming (or hoping) the 1st novel in the series will lead on where this one has left off. Although I found some parts to drag or be a little long-winded, this was a good introduction to the character and what’s to come and I’m sure having read it will help me in understanding the different casts. I’m not going to rate it, however–it’s too difficult to rate something that reads as incomplete.