Bitter Sweet Love

Seeing as I had a pre-order for White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout, it seemed only natural to nab the prequel, Bitter Sweet Love. However, this novella didn’t grip me quite as much as I’d hoped it would. Even with a short work or a prequel, I kind of prefer some kind of resolution to any issues that happen within—or at the very least, a story where at least one of the elements is wrapped up. In Bitter Sweet Love, however, none of them were, and there were quite a few. We had most of the focus on MCs Jasmine and Dez, whose childhood connection had blossomed to love. Except, Dez left without explanation right after Jasmine’s father declared them to be paired, and Jasmine had a hard time forgiving him when he suddenly returns to claim her. This I can understand. And I did kind of like the beginning when this was the main focus. Sadly, this soon fizzles out to make way for other issues, using an agreement the duo comes to for them to spend together as a catalyst for placing them where the other issues are. In here, we also meet MC of White Hot Kiss, Layla and are given the head’s up from Jasmine’s POV that she has a ‘thing’ for Zayne—also in White Hoss Kiss—as well as the hint right at the very end that there might be a spanner in the works to provide a potential upcoming love triangle. Around these, demons were fought and world building was minorly established. So, in short, I think the biggest issue was that there was too much thrown at the reading with no ends tied for any of it. That being said, I did kind of enjoy it, and I did want to still reading—but mostly only up until the point when I realised it wasn’t really going anywhere. Still looking forward to White Hot Kiss, though.‚Äč