Oaths of Blood

Oaths of Blood (The Ascension Series) - SM Reine

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this title from the author in exchange for an honest review. This has in no way affected my opinion of the book.

Okay, so I only just this minute finished reading S.M. Reine’s Oaths of Blood—the second title in herAscension series—so please be forgiving if my words sound like waffle.

Okay, before I was asked to review the first Ascension title, Sacrificed in Shadow, I’d only read the very first Seasons of the Moon book, Six Moon Summer, so I was jumping way ahead when I headed intoSacrificed in Shadow. However, I was very pleasantly surprised to find characters—majorly evolved characters—from that very first tale involved, and more so, I was happy to see Seth.

He may have been very mysterious and almost evasive in Six Moon Summer, but I still liked him a lot, and I liked him even more as his slightly older self. Which means, when I realised I’d be getting a decent amount of Seth time—and Seth’s POV—in Oaths of Blood, I was smiling, for sure.

However, I wasn’t smiling for long. Because Seth is so freaking sad, and it is very strongly portrayed inOaths of Blood, that the dude broke my heart. I spent most of my read pretty much focused on him, and willing him to make the right decisions, willing him to be okay.

Only to have my heart broken all over again—thanks to circumstances he’s drawn into by his lingering love for Riley. I’m not going to say any more than that on the matter because of spoilers, but this book has left me very sad with its (in my opinion) catastrophic ending.

Oaths of Blood, though, no matter how much Seth dominated it for me, wasn’t all about Seth. This book is almost busting at the seams with the size of its plot, and the expansive mystery to unravel, and the action and the darkness, and everything else it has going on. And not in a bad way. Because from start to finish, there is constantly something going on to hold the reader’s attention. Something intriguing and mystifying—that the reader really can’t help but read on. Even better? These books don’t rely on sex to hold the reader’s interest—they don’t need it, because the plot alone does a decent enough job of that. Plus, I love Ms Reine’s ability to world build. In Six Moon Summer, I loved the simplicity of her built world and the very understated tone to her ‘voice’. Seeing how much those abilities have grown from there to here is truly amazing. Ms Reine also knows how to weave a damn fine tale of what could easily be a convoluted mess into an easily conceivable piece of art. Sure, I noticed POV breaches in here—the fact they didn’t set my eyes twitches into motion says a LOT about how much the story drew me in—but Ms Reine’s books are, without doubt, some of the best-written self published titles out there. Thanks goodness I have the next title, Ruled by Steel, to read on.