Made of Stars

Made of Stars - Kelley York

Diclaimer: I received an ARC of this title from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This has in no way affected my opinion.


I was first introduced to Kelley York’s writing when I recently read Hushed and fell in love with the music of her words and her ability to weave a high-quality tale, so I was super excited for the opportunity to review Made of Stars.

In this latest title by Ms York, we’re introduced to a tri of characters: Hunter, Ashlyn and Chase. Half-siblings, Hunter and Ashlyn have spent every summer at their shared father’s place, where they met their ‘summer friend’ Chase at young ages. By the time this story is told, they have a spent a LOT of summers together as a trio, and are all old enough to be finding their paths in life, and their independent decisions begin showing their faces from the very first page. From the off, all three of these characters are so vibrant, they practically leap off the page—even Chase, who we don’t get to meet in person quite as early as the siblings, but that’s likely to do with the complexity of his character and the god-worthy pedestal both Hunter and Ashlyn have placed him on.

I don’t want to go into the plot too much, because with stories like Kelley’s, doing so can too easily give the entire plot away. But this one contains an entwined duet of love triangles (which are so subtle they don’t even read as love triangles), characters who will break your heart, and a storyline that somehow manages to appear innocent whilst carrying an undercurrent of doom. This is a great talent of Ms York’s I also picked up on when I read Hushed—that no matter how swimmingly the characters make it look like everything is going, the reader can’t help but pick up those vibes that something somewhere is about to go horribly wrong. And Made of Starshas an abundance of these vibes. Because yes, we have what appears to be the main plot path, which pretty much revolves around the duet of love triangles, but reading between the lines and picking up on all the well-placed and woven-in hints you can easily see the bigger plot point of the story. The one that has the reader gripping their Kindle (or book) and unwilling to let go of the damn thing until she/he freakin’ well knows! And man, as if the unveil near the end (which I suspected but ignored my suspicions on because I didn’t want it to be true) isn’t enough, the author then goes and smacks us with that horribly heartbreaking ending.

I apologise for my vagueness in here, I really do. But this is definitely a story you should allow to unfold on its own. Because guaranteed, with the heartbreaking content, the AWESOME, top-class characterisations of the people you will meet between the pages, and the mystery that just begs to be unravelled, Made in Stars is definitely a book every reader out there should experience for themselves. Love, love, love this lady’s writing. Love every character of hers that I’ve read, love how she makes me fall in love with them all despite their enormous flaws, and the mystery and darkness and top notch handling of delicate subjects. Ms York has totally earned a spot with the top players on my ‘must read asap’ list.