Lover Avenged

Lover Avenged - J.R. Ward

My first thoughts as I began reading was how great it was to get inside the head of the sympath who seems to always have some kind of inpenetrable barrier in place around himself. That opinion never altered. Although I didn’t think very highly of Rhevenge in the earlier BDB novels, or particularly like his character, he has grown on me enough lately for me to be eager to read his tale. He didn’t disappoint. All of the Rhev and Ehlena points of the story I really enjoyed.

However, I did reach a certain point when it felt as though the story should have ended already. And I did find myself skimming over all the intricate descriptions of every single scene–as well as over every single detail that I felt had been over-explained and I didn’t need to know any more about. Because I just wanted the story, dammit, and there was quite a bit of unnecessary wordage that bogged the pace down a lot. When I first picked up my PB, my initial thought was: whoa, this one’s a monster compared to the others. Now I know why. I can see no reason why this one needed to be this much thicker than the other novels in the series. I only hope Brother Mine–because that one isn’t much slimmer in size–isn’t also dragged down in pace by unrequired details.

That said, I did enjoy learning more about Rhev. Although, Wrath seemed to get more hip action than the druglord, and it wasn’t even his story. But the pace was nowhere near what it needed to be, or what it could have been if a little more care had been taken. But I did enjoy–I did–and I have every intention of finding out what JM has to offer.