Lover Unbound

Lover Unbound: Number 5 in series (Black Dagger Brotherhood) - J. R. Ward


Another decent read from JR Ward.

This books holds all of the goodness of the BDB, but a couple things marked it down to a 4 instead of a 5 for me.

1) The readiness with which Jane accepted and participated in V’s sexual preferences. I get that some folks are willing to try new stuff and experiment, but with no hint that she’d done anything like that before I’m pretty sure there would have been a little more apprehension on her behalf–so to me, it seemed a little too convenient.
2) the weirdness of how Jane was reunited with V after she’d died. I get that Ward is in need of her HEA for the brothers but sex with a ghost is a little too far off my spectrum of believablity.

I did like all the little arcs she had going on to pave the path for future works. I’ve really enjoyed ‘watching’ the development of JM throughout the last few novels and I am now looking forward to his tale–especially as his body appears to be already choosing a mate it deems worthy. Thank goodness poor Phury finally got some relief–I’m looking forward to seeing how he deals with his new role as the Primale. And I’m glad V got over his not-so-hidden feelings toward Butch.

All in all, as I said in the opening, another decent read–it just wasn’t my favourite.