Lover Revealed

Lover Revealed  - J.R. Ward

Okay, I’m back again to do a little more imbecilic gushing.

I didn’t expect to enjoy this one so much. I expected it to lack the oomph of the first three simply because the MC was human, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

There was such excitement and fast paced action, it was all could do to take a deep breath and hold on tight for the ride.

I LOVED Butch and his tale. Yeah, his lineage seemed a little contrite but, really, who cares?

Book 2 topped book 1, then book 3 topped book 2, and I pretty much thought the series had reached its peak at that point, but so far these stories have just got better and better.

The relationship between V and Butch, whilst a little freaky, was awesome and I loved the bond they had going on and the explanation for the why of it.

And it was awesome to have the insight into the acceptance to the Brotherhood from a new-to-it-all character.

Will I read on?

Hell yeah–I couldn’t stop myself even if I tried. :)