Lover Eternal

Lover Eternal  - J.R. Ward

I’m not quite sure what to say about this one that doesn’t make me sound like a gushing imbecile.

I really liked Rhage in Dark Lover and was ecstatic when I found out he’d be heading book 2. And I have to say, he did not disappoint.

I’ll admit, I thought this might simply be a repeat of book 1 with different main players, but it wasn’t.

J.R. Ward has created a diverse cast of characters, each with their own personality, which should give her everything she needs to bring individuality to each and every novel.

It’s been a reeeal long time since I have found characters as addictive as these. It’s been even longer since I’ve ordered the next book in the series before I’m even halfway through whichever one I’m currently reading.

My biggest regret now is that I didn’t take heed from someone who warned me I should have ordered book 2&3 at the same time and now have to wait on delivery before I can continue the journey with the Brotherhood.

Kudos to Ward for conjuring what might have become my favourite series to date.

Who’s next? Z?

Bring it on. :o )