Geek Girl

Geek Girl  - Holly Smale

Geek Girl arrived just at the right time. I was looking for something refreshing and fun, and that’s exactly what I got—along with a wholesome dose of cute.
Geek Girl is about a ... well, about a geek, who decides she wants to change who she is in the hope she’ll be liked more or be less bullied. And when she ends up being dragged into the world of modelling, by the most bizarre happenstance, that’s exactly what happens.
But we all know that those kinds of transformations can change the soul inside the person, too, if those roots aren’t grasped tightly enough.
GG is a more than a tale of teenage geekism, and friendship, and cute wit. It’s a tale of self-discovery, self-acceptance, remembering the important things in life, bravery/courage, young teenage love and need to fit in ... so many aspects of today a lot of teenagers struggle with. And these messages and lessons are all wrapped up in humour to make you laugh out loud, great characters, tied a bow of an ending that will leave you all warm and fuzzy inside.
So, yeah, I enjoyed it. And that was without even mentioning the character development of the MC, and her AWESOME best friend, and so very likeable Toby, the whackiest dad ever and (so refreshing to read) totally grounded step-mother ... and (daren’t forget) totally cute hot guy, who you’ll spend the entire book hoping will turn out to be Mr Nice.
So, if you’re looking for a fun, light-hearted read, that will entertain as it shares its underlying message without smacking you in the face with it, then you should definitely give Geek Girl a go.