Under the Never Sky

Under the Never Sky  - Veronica Rossi

I bought Under the Never Sky a little while back because of the buzz, and for exactly the same reason took my time about opening it. Because when hype surrounds a title, I always worry that I won’t agree with the masses—because sometimes I don’t.

Well, with Under the Never Sky, I did.

Yes, there were a few things I wasn’t wholly clear on. Like, was this world one borne of our own—an evolved version of us, the human race. Or was this a completely fantastical setting, in a different dimension, or planet, or world. Other than that, I had no qualms with this story—because the world building was unique and intriguing and terrifying as well as beautiful.

On top of that, Aria as MC was great. From the off, I connected to her, understood her, wanted everything to be okay for her even before I fully understood how much it wasn’t. And following along in her journey was a pleasure, watching her character develop felt like an honour, and by the end of the novel, I’d have been quite happy to read even more.

Alongside her, we had Peregrine. *sigh* I loved Perry. His strength of character. His attitude. His personality. His background. His loyalty. Even his vulnerabilities and weaknesses. And, just as with Aria, more great character development was afoot.

The love story was also very well developed in this one. None of it felt contrite. None of it felt instant, or soul-matey, or like it had been written to fit the story. It was merely weaved so naturally into the travels of the duo that it felt like as much a part of them as everything else. And ‘watching’ Perry’s slowly-dawning awareness as his feelings toward Aria make the subtle shift from disdain to acceptance to liking, and finally to more, was as amusing, on occasion, as it was heart-warming. Loved this aspect of the tale.

And on top of a great pair of characters to enjoy and a romance to entertain, we had a decent overall plot, which was exposed at just the right pace, and a bunch of side characters with as much flavour and personality as the two main characters themselves.

In a nutshell, I enjoyed this one immensely, and will definitely be reading on.