Camp Kiss

Camp Kiss (Camp Boyfriend) - J.K. Rock

When I spotted the link to grab a copy of Camp Kiss, I pretty much shot across and had it on my Kindle in less than a minute. I’d had my eye on this way since I revealed the cover (seems eons ago), so I was real excited to check this out before the ARC’s get shared.

And I’m seriously glad I did.

Not only have I come away totally understanding the title of Camp Boyfriend, but I’ll now also be heading into that book with a full recognition of how it all came to be. And I always kind of love that for books.

So what did I think of Camp Kiss? Did I enjoy it?

Yeah, actually I did. Quite a lot.

Not only does it provide great insight into US summer camps to us UK’ers, but I totally fell in love with the innocence of young love and uncertainties surrounding that and the way it was portrayed so beautifully. Because this novella definitely has a refreshing purity to it, making it a refreshing break from all the angsty YA out there. Not to mention the fact that Seth is seriously hot-to-trot and a sweetheart to boot.

So, yeah, I’m looking forward to finding out what’s in store for these two. I’m guessing there’s going to be some spanners thrown in the works, and obstacles to overcome, and trust issues to conquer, and hopefully, the journey for all that will turn out to be as great as I’m expecting.

To conclude: if you miss the freshness of innocence in your YA with so many lust-driven reads on the shelves, then this title should definitely be your cup of tea–because this one left me with a big smile on my face. Go check it out.