Passion (Debt Collector 9) - Susan Kaye Quinn

Man. Is it wrong that I cried at the end of Passion? I have never NOT wanted a series/book/tale (call it what you will) to be over so badly. This final piece to the Lirium puzzle was just simply awesome. And try as I did to slow down my reading pace because I knew it would all soon be coming to an end, the greatness of this last bit of the tale demanded I tear through it with the eagerness and anticipation it deserved.

I’ve been a fan of Lirium from the very first instalment, Delirium, and from the get go, Ms Quinn had me hooked, like a Lirium-crazed addict, and I’ve never paid so much rapt attention to the release date of a new title before, as I did with each episode of this series going live. I stalked Susan’s own page. Stalked the Debt Collector page. And ordered every episode as soon as I was able. This series has picked me up when I’ve been down. Pulled me out of reading slumps when nothing else would work. And I actually feel honoured to have had the great pleasure to travel Lirium’s path alongside him from the start.

Bravo to Ms Quinn. For taking on this personal challenge of writing a mini-series, and for making it enthralling enough that all of her readers have nagged her for the next fix, and for making me fall so deeply in love with a character because I am well and truly saddened that I have to say goodbye to this dude. He won’t be one of my love-’em-and-leave-’ems, though. Nope, I imagine Lirium will stay fresh in my mind for a very long time, just I have no doubt I shall be opening this tale again at some point, just so I can enjoy a piece of him once more.

A GREAT ending to a GREAT series.