Ruthless (Debt Collector 8) - Susan Kaye Quinn

Lirium. The dude is the driving force of the entire Debt Collector series—at least for me—and, inRuthless, he steers me through yet another great addition.

Whilst this episode is one of the slowest instalments so far, there are also a lot of revelations made, a lot of answers found, and each and every one of those add up to help roll this great story in the direction of the finale.

I loved Lirium’s drive, and inner strength, and needs in this one, as well as the growing developments between him and ‘Apple Girl’, which I’ve been patiently awaiting since episode one. And that ending? Horrible note for the reader to be left on. However, I can appreciate a good cliffhanger as well as the next Lirium addict, and so it only goes to add to this great yarn we’ve all been eagerly unravelling—and man, are so near the end of the thread.