Driven - Susan Kaye Quinn

I actually love how every one of the Debt Collector instalments have all so far been 4/5* reads for me. And this latest one—Driven—was just as satisfying.

Again, I find myself totally loving Lirium. It’s kinda starting to feel like we have our own fictional romance going on, and each time a new episode is released, it’s date time again—and whilst I’m waiting for that date, I have the anticipation to work with, where I get to try and predict where he’s going to take me next.

Well, guess what? So far, I’ve predicted nothing. Because this series is one surprise after and another, which constantly keeps the reader guessing and, thus, on the edge of their seats.

In Driven, Lirium is forced to participate in acts he finds distasteful—I agree with him—but he has little choice as the price of not obeying is his life. He’s still in deep. He’s still in a whole pile of shizzazz, which, quite frankly, stinks. And he’s still tugging on my heartstrings and whispering his tales so clearly in my ears that I found myself at the end of this episode feeling somewhat tainted on his behalf. He’s still redeemable, though. He’s still good at his core. And I still want to cuddle him up and save him from exposure to the evils he’s being forced to experience.

In short, Driven is another great instalment to a series that has fast become one of my favourites.

p.s. what the fudge is Ophelia playing at? I don’t trust that chick one bit (grrrrrrrr).