Agony (Debt Collector 2) - Susan Kaye Quinn

So, after reading Delirium—part I in Susan Kaye Quinn’s new mini-series—and connected enough with the characters, was left with enough intrigue about the storyline, to need to read on.

So I was pretty excited when Agony released, and hopped right across to buy myself a copy.

Did I enjoy it as much as I did Delirium?

Actually, I enjoyed it more.

After totally connecting with Lirium in the first instalment, I slipped smoothly (and happily) into his head from the moment I began reading Agony. I seriously, seriously like this guy as an MC. His voice. His personality. Just everything.

And, whilst I had a few confusions over the world building in Delirium, confusions were completely absent during Agony. I totally sailed through it. It’s just so freakin’ flawlessly explained.

Not to mention the fact that from these first two episodes alone, the Debt Collector series promises to be dark, mysterious, thrillerish, exciting, adrenaline-pumping … not to mention downright sexy.

So if that sounds like your kind of read, and you quite like the idea of being drip-fed the tale, then I well and truly recommend you give this a go. I didn’t know it would be my cup of tea—I mean, it’s slightly sci-fi and futuristic, after all—but if I hadn’t taken the chance? Dudes, I’d have lost out.