Unravelling (Unravelling, #1) - Elizabeth Norris

I can’t believe I almost missed Unravelling when I spotted it in the store merely because the UK cover is so different to the US cover I’d seen all over the ‘Net, and I’d have been pretty disappointed if I had because I really enjoyed it.

Sure, some aspects of the writing bugged my butt. What can I say? I have a lot of pet hates. But those aside, I connected with Janelle. I liked all the males in there. I liked Nick when we were introduced to him, and early in the book, would have been happy for him to be the ‘significant other’. I also loved Alex to bits and am left wondering if his ‘feelings’ for J do actually run a little deeper than mere ‘best buddies’—though he kept his mouth shut on them if they do, and any issue he voiced regarding Ben seemed to lean more toward the believability and self-safety side of things than her feelings for him. And then we have Ben. *sigh* the lovely Ben. We meet him in the very beginning (though only briefly and through warped perception). And we meet him again. And again. And again. And … each time I liked him a little more.

So, boy swooning aside, what did I actually think of the plot?

Well, I thought the concept was awesome.

Up until the point of the ‘big reveal’.

Then I kinda thought it dropped to being just decent.

Because I *knew* something was coming. I knew there had to be some kind of otherworldly explanation for all the occurrences. But I could only speculate. Until that point.

And whilst I was really hoping for it not to go in the direction of ‘aliens’ or something else we’ve seen too frequently and recently—and, I’ll admit, it didn’t—what did unfold just seemed to be a little … I dunno. Almost a little, ‘Oh, is that it’.

Plus, we then have more unfolding, where we’re left questioning the motivations and underhanded behaviours of a certain couple of male adults, following the death of a certain someone (avoiding spoilers here, sorry), and I sighed, a deep and heavy sigh, because I was expecting more disappointment when all the conclusions I’d jumped to came to light.

BUT … I’ve gotta say, the more I read into the book, the better it got.


1) those conclusions I jumped to regarding a couple adults? Yeah, wrong conclusions. First I thought it was on just one account. By the end of the book, I suspect it was on both accounts.

2) that unveiling of the big secret of the why of it all? Yep, by the end of the book, we get to ‘experience’ it vicariously through J’s POV and there is just such a build up and a build up and one exciting scene after another, and a whole tonne of unravelling, and revelations, and because, for the most part, the descriptions were pretty well done, I had no trouble picturing each step of those scenes …

Which meant I enjoyed it.

Except ….

WAHN!!!!!!! WHY???????? WHY DID THE ENDING HAVE TO SWING THAT WAY?????????? I mean,sure, I knew there was every chance it would, but dude, that didn’t mean I was ready for it. The next book had SO better fix this.

That is all.