A Reason to Stay

A Reason to Stay - L.S. Murphy

A Reason to Stay is undoubtedly a warm-fuzz-inducing story with a little cheese on the side.

I make the cheese reference, because most contemporary romances must have a dash of requisite cheese before they can pass the true romance test—and this short and sweet and fast-paced tale certainly had its dose.

We have MC Julianne, who has stayed away from what she knew as home when growing up, but ends up returning when her aunt (who took care of her) is ill. I found her reasoning for having left in the first place believable. Her reasons for returning certainly were. However, I do question this: if she so easily decides she needs to remain there (for the reasons she gives), why did it take so long to return? I think there may have been one other slight point that I can’t really allude to without allowing spoilers, but there were a couple parts of development with a certain someone that seemed a little rushed. I’d have like to see those fleshed out (maybe that’s the romantic in me who longs for relationship development in books even when I’m reading ones I know don’t contain any). Otherwise, I liked the MC a lot, she was easy to connect with.

And so what about Pace? Now him, it took me a while to get a handle on. His moods were a little bipolar (though, I’d imagine that could be down to him protecting his heart), and at one point I wanted to smack him upside the head (with a pick axe) for his decisions/actions (as well as his dodgy standards when he was with one when he couldn’t have the other but then behaved somewhat inappropriately toward the one when he was with the other—and that did for a moment have me questioning what kind of morals this guy had (yeah, I’m cryptic, I know). However, he did kind of win me over by the end.

And talking of the end, that cheese I mentioned? Yeah, we got served some in the ending with a side salad and fries. HOWEVER … (and I’m not ashamed to admit it), the ending really was quite cute and lovely and adorable and brought a tear to my eye—and that, people, is where you will be left all warm and mushy inside. :)