All the Broken Pieces

Goodness, where to start? Well, I supposed the best way forward is to tell you that I genuinely loved this book. I picked it up—doing my famous trick of not reading the blurb first—and pretty much didn’t want to put it down.

Sure, the whole internal dialogue deal took a little getting used to, but once I kinda grasped what that was all about, it ceased to stumble me and within no time I was breezing past them without any hitch.

We have Liv as MC. She’s likeable. She’s not portrayed as a stunningly attractive lass who only has to flick her hair to have the boys noticing. I don’t want to say too much because to do so would spoil it for any who haven’t read it yet, but the multi-faceted personality of Olivia goes a long way to keeping her real, keeping her relatable to definitely more than one type of reader (person)—and on top of that, ‘she’ was seriously well handled.

Admittedly, in the opening of the book, it was a little confusing because the reader is given all of these tidbits of what’s happening and expected to follow along or just go with the flow, but that honestly didn’t bother me in the slightest. I loved the slow unfolding of the mystery. Even though I figured it out pretty early in—waaaaaaaaaaay sooner than poor Liv—it still didn’t bother me reading on and trailing her in story whilst waiting for her to catch up.

Another bonus to the book? Spencer. This dude is awesomesauce. Yep, he initially comes across as a jerk (Liv’s words), but even then I knew he’d turn out to be great and was just waiting for the turning point where he proved as such. Though the gradual way in which exactly that happened was so subtly done that the reader barely even realises they’re falling for yet another fictional guy until, bam!, they’re already there. His angst, his character, his story—every aspect of him is totally believable.

And before I go, I’ve just got to try mentioning the ending without spoilers. To begin, her decision kinda surprised me—and it almost left me feeling a whole lot of ‘what ifs’ on her behalf. But then we get that nice little wrap up of an epilogue—and whilst I was a little bit thrown with the way that section was narrated, because it seemed a lot more distanced/detached than the rest of the book, I loved, loved, loved, that closing paragraph that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

So final thoughts: connected very well with Olivia; loved Spencer; enjoyed the plot despite it being slightly predictable. Though I will say, as I read, I couldn’t help but wonder how this one would have read in 1st person pov, instead of 3rd.

Other than that?

A cracking read with compelling characters and a driving need to discover the truth.