Leader of the Pack

Leader of the Pack - Karen MacInerney

This is quite possibly one of the most absurd books I’ve read in a long time.
HOWEVER, I couldn’t help but rather enjoy it.

**Warning: spoilers are forthcoming!**

As I have done so throughout the series, I adored Tom. Boo on the author for making me wait so long for their union to transpire.

The whole Mark issue was an interesting angle–though I have to say, whilst I didn’t ‘identify’ him by name, I had him pegged as a demon from pretty early on so that didn’t come as a surprise. I also wasn’t that surprised to discover who was behind the whole fiasco concerning the framing of Sophie’s father.

What did surprise me was: 1) how readily Sophie suddenly decided it was okay to turn her ex and best friend simply because it had become in her own best interests to do so (Heath, I could kind of forgive due to the reasoning, but not her friend; that was one of the details pushing the storyline to absurdity)–talk about a change of heart and 2) that Sophie took the Alpha position when she’s about as far from alpha material as I can possibly imagine–despite everyone else’s faith in her.

But all of this ridiculousness doesn’t quite detract from the fun of the characters and the one-line quips that have kept this series witty from book 1 to book 3.

This isn’t the kind of series that has me gutted I’ve reached the end. BUT I certainly don’t feel as though I’ve wasted any hours on the time I spent with Sophie Garou. If you just want an easy (yet absurd) read, then I might even go as far as recommending it. :)