Soul Avenged

Soul Avenged - Keri Lake

Man, where to start?

Well, you know when you’ve been that a warned story this way is coming, and it sounds freaking awesome from the description shared, and you seriously cannot wait to get your paws on it, yet at the same time you’re a little scared in case it doesn’t live up to those expectations you’ve built inside your head?

Yeah, I needn’t have had any of those latter-mentioned worries where Soul Avenged was concerned.

Because I loved it.

Being fortunate enough to be a beta reader for this title, I dove into with a critical mind, and in a mode I have trouble switching off if I’m being asked for feedback: Tear this sucker up. However, I truly hadn’t expected to fall in love with the characters quite as much as I did. And, boy, are there a good few characters for the reader to fall in love with.

Because Ayden is ‘staying’ with a houseful (mansionful?) of demons. All of them somewhat appealing—in their own way, of course. All of them somewhat (translate: totally) buff. And all of them with enough individual personalities to identify them by that alone, which means you have a whole trolley-full of differing reasons for why you can’t wait for each of them to get a spotlight and show you just what they can really do/be.

However, they’re not the focus in this delicious title, Ayden is—and she’s mean, she’s tough, she can kick your a$$ with a toothpick if need be, at the same time as being scarred and vulnerable, and so heartbreakingly lost that the reader will have a hard climbing out of her tortured head.

And whilst the male who stars alongside her isn’t one of those said yummy demons, he certainly hasmore than enough appeal of his own to keep a girl hoping for delivery of a whole vanful of goods. Plus, he can growl. And I love a male who growls. ;)

So, is it just the characters who grabbed my attention and made me rave like a lunatic: Buy this book!

Nah, it also has a decent plot, HOTness, some brilliant world building, HOTness, more than a few surprises—some I may have saw coming; some not so, requisite creepy-egotistical-quite possibly insane-bad guy, HOTness, and Lycans galore. And those lycans? Yeah, not the lovey-dovey-stroke-their-furry kinda wolfiness depicted in a whole lotta books, but mean, rabid, saliva-dripping monsters who you most definitely would reconsider the idea of curling up with under the covers.

Except for one. And he’s one of the surprises. And totally hot. And dude: CAVE SCENE!<<That’s all I’m saying.

Is that everything? Hmmm, I guess so, because I really don’t want to tell you too much about this one, other than: READ IT! And then you’ll want more, and will be able to join my army of nags who’ll demand Ms Lake get her fingers out and provide it.

That is all.