Catching Jordan

Catching Jordan  - Miranda Kenneally

Catching Jordon, whilst it did have a couple bits that ‘bothered’ me, was for the most part a real enjoyable read.

First we have Jordon: a great leading role. Strong yet with weaknesses, independent yet with needs and reliable on others—a character afraid to show her vulnerabilities but when she does realises she has a bigger support group than she ever imagined. I connected with her from the off. Rooted for her from the off. And felt for her from the off. However, (and here comes one of the bits that bothered me) I kinda felt like her first sexual experience was too far out of character to ring quite true for me. She was a virgin. She was scared—or at least concerned—about giving it up. And then she goes and dives in headfirst with a guy who’s new(ish) to the school, at Henry’s say-so, when she’s only been ‘hanging’ with him in ‘that way’ a few days and only ‘made out’ with him once … so yeah, it just didn’t gel for me that she gave up the goods to this guy. I’m pretty sure the story would have worked just as well—as effectively with regards to the ‘third party’—if they hadn’t gone past the heavy snogs and gropes stage.

Then we have Henry. *Le sigh* LOVED Henry from word get go. LOVED him. But there were a few issues surrounding him that I would have liked a little more understanding of. Like, 1) why he felt the need to sleep around. Because I was so, soooo disappointed in his continued behaviour of this kind when he could see it was hurting Jordon—especially right after their heart-to-hearts. For me, that kind of behaviour would have been unforgivable without some substantial reasoning as to why he’s behaving that way. Also, he slept over at Jordan’s a LOT. Why? He seemed so ‘lost’ on at least one occasion he asked, as though he seriously needed to get away from whatever he hid from each time he slept over. If he needed to sleep over so much just because he couldn’t be without Jordon then I felt that could have been more strongly portrayed because his abovementioned behaviour kinda ruled out any ‘need’ from him for me, made it less passionate (if that makes sense). However, as a reader—a bystander—I still loved Henry, even as he was saddening me with his shitty behaviour and his hurting of J.

And then we have Ty. Yeah, I kinda liked him to begin, but quickly began changing my mind when a) I suspected what we were seeing wasn’t all we were getting—especially with his subtle shifts in attitude, b) I had my suspicions confirmed (coz I did suspect) about why Henry wasn’t with his ex any longer, and c) he didn’t stick up for J in front of her dad the way Henry did. So he grew on me until he started to get on my nerves and when I reeeeeeeeeeeally wanted things to head in a different direction for J I actually just wanted him to buzz off.

So what about the football? I guess I should talk about that side of the story, but as I’m a Brit and have absolutely no knowledge of American football I can’t comment on the accuracy/believability of it all. However, I enjoyed it a lot. The way it combined and added colour to the tale. The way it validated the strength of J’s relationship with her team mates.—which leads me to …

The supporting cast. Loved them. Each and every one of them. The guys were just … great. J’s family were just … great.

So all in all, despite its couple issues that bugged me and made me question the characters, Catching Jordan turned out to be a decent story to travel alongside for.