Touch of Death

Touch of Death  - Kelly Hashway


’m actually not 100% sure on my thoughts about Touch of Death. I mean, I obviously enjoyed it because I read until the end, and wanted to see how everything would work out. But, there seemed to be something slightly lacking—though I can’t quite pinpoint what.

I don’t know if it was the young tone to the writing when there are so many more maturely written YA books available now. Or if it was the MC, and the fact she became slightly less likeable as the book went on rather than more. Or the way she randomly decided she had feelings for Alex when she barely knew him, and some of that hadn’t been in a positive context, and she’d not long killed her last boyfriend who just might have been the first boy she’d ever loved—dunno, but the speed their relationship developed at was a bit off without some kind of background to strengthen the reasoning (though, I guess that could still come in later books). Or it could just have been that I pretty much predicted everything that was going to happen before it occurred—and anyone who knows me knows how I love to be surprised by a tale.

Yet, as I said in the opening, I didn’t dislike the read and something in it certainly compelled me to read on.

Closing comments: I’ve seen a couple of reviews that describe this as being awesome due to it blending both zombies and mythology. This is sort of true, because there is mythology, and there are zombies—but don’t go into this expecting to be reading about mindless monsters out of control rampaging the city and taking over the world with their brain-chowing ways. Go into it with an open mind, accept it for what it is, and you’ll no doubt enjoy the read. Whilst it didn’t blow me away, I was still entertained, and it’s certainly wowed a tonne of other folk out there.