Day After

Day After (The 19th Year) - Emi Gayle

Day After is full of mystery and intrigue and excitement, and I pretty much enjoyed this book from start to finish. As always with Emi’s writing, the plot is as intricately revealed as it woven, leaving the reader constantly guessing and anticipating, and very often surprised. The slow reveal of revelation after revelation as each and every discovery is made is a strong motivator for the reader to keep turning the pages. But an even bigger motivator than that is the MC. Winn. *sigh*
Winnford Thomas, how I adore thou, geeky dude that thee are.
Winn won me over (ha! no pun intended) in After Dark, so I was very much looking forward to reading into his somewhat convoluted (he’s a guy, after all) mind and finding out just how the other half of Mac and Winn views their somewhat unusual relationship. Sure, to begin, his voice took a little getting into–I blame that on the great connection I felt from Mac in the first book–but it wasn’t long before I’d slid into the nerdy mind of Winn, and was very soon happy to be taken along on his ride (you can stop those filthy thoughts of yours; I didn’t mean it like that). As I expected him to be, he was intelligent and patient and caring and passionate and … just Winn. In case you hadn’t figured it out, I kinda like Winn. ;)
Plus we have Mac–through Winn’s eyes. She was slightly more frustrating a character in Day After than she was in After Dark, but I imagine that’s because we got a much stronger smack upside the head of just how her actions and decisions affected Winn on a personal and emotional level–and thanks to that connection I mentioned, they can be tough to endure through his eyes. But I still love Mac, because deep down I suspected she had her own solid reasoning for doing what she did–after all, she does really consider her actions even if she doesn’t realise she’s doing it at the time.
I’m not going to delve too much into the plot, because it’s quite complex, so the best thing to do is to just read it for yourself. But just know, you will get some answers you’ve been hoping for, at the same time as landing with a few new ones; you will experience a couple WTF!? moments when some ‘stuff’ comes to light or characters behave in a certain way; you will definitely want to do a little bit of neck throttling; and you will adore Winn. So just read it anyway. ;o)
That is all.