Pretty Amy

Pretty Amy - Lisa Burstein

Hmmmmm, where to start? Okay, I’m going to begin by pointing out how long it took me to read this book. If I’m enjoying a book, I usually read within 2-5 days (depending how busy I am). If I’m loving a book, I’ve been known to finish in one. Pretty Amy took me a total of 18 days to finish. That’s almost 3 weeks. And that it a loooooooooooong time for me.

In all honesty, I almost gave up. I’d reached about a third of the way through and had had enough. The narration seemed long-winded and overdone, a little like an attempt had been made to create something witty alongside the snark and bad-attitude but hadn’t quite been pulled off. I didn’t like the MC. I wanted to slap her—that’s how much I disliked her. I also had no connection to her whatsoever. However, when I voiced these feelings, a little bird popped up on my FB page and told me to keep going, that I’d end up liking the MC, that it gets better.

So I listened.

I got to around two thirds through and wished I hadn’t. Because I still wanted to smack the MC. I still didn’t like her. I still couldn’t connect. But by this point, I figured ‘I’ve come this far, only 100-ish pages to go, might as well finish now, right?’

Yeah, those final 100-ish pages? Took me around 7 DAYS to work through.

Because I still could scarcely find reason to like the MC. Even as she began to show how much she was hurting; how much she was scared; how much she just wanted people to help her without her having to express that she needed the help … she was still rude and obnoxious and seemed unwilling to help herself, and by this point, it had become a little frustrating.

So here I am, around 10/15 pages from the end, thinking, damn what a disappointment, be lucky if this one gets 2 stars … and then we get that ending. The final, final scene that’s only a handful of pages long is so packed full of emotion. So packed full of gorgeousness. So packed full of the kind of connection I wanted to feel with the MC throughout the rest of the book. For me, the ending kinda saved it. The ending is the reason this one got 3 stars (but only just).