Chasers  - James  Phelan

Well, this one turned out as a bit of a surprise.

The opening was a little rocky, as the tense seemed to keep switching back and forth and I had no idea if the author was aiming for present or past, but that soon smoothed itself out (for the most part). And once it did, I was off at a jog.

I say a jog and not a sprint, as this wasn’t a fast paced book for me. And there did seem to be a few spots where the characters did very little.

However, what one might consider to be lulls in the plot really aren’t. The reader just doesn’t realise that until they reach that final paragraph and everything is so suddenly, saddeningly, and horrifyingly clear.

I also struggled for a little while because all the speech marks suddenly dropped from every bit of dialogue, which meant I was left having to sometimes separate it from the narration. But again, I soon got into the flow of recognising the difference.

However, again, the ending brings enlightenment even on that. Because on reaching that absolute humdinger of an ending, I’m left wondering if said lack of speech marks is actually intentional—and, if they are, I’d then have to admit how freaking ingenious that was.

So, what about that humdinger of an ending? Well, I’ve announced it as such for a couple of reasons. 1), because there is such a brilliant twist that took me 100% by surprise (and did actually remind a little of a very popular film, which I won’t mention it as to do so could be too spoilerish), and 2), because it does end on a cliffhanger, and I’m now left wondering where it can go from here, and how in the world the author can blindside me again like they have in Chasers. Because I will be expecting nothing less of them now.

So would I recommend this?

It’s a post apocalyptic slash zombie(ish) book. Of course I recommend it.

On top of that, the descriptions were great, the MC was relatable and likeable, and I know I connected with him because I cried through that bloody ending.

Just don’t go into this one expecting all your questions answered by the end. Because they won’t be. I still have absolutely no idea how this atrocity happened.

The only plot niggle I have is this: If buildings keep collapsing all around the city … should one question the believability that the one Jesse chooses to hole up in (right near the very top when—like I mentioned—other buildings are falling down) just happens to be one that stays intact and doesn’t so much as shudder? That’s my only major niggle. Otherwise, I enjoyed this one quite a lot.