Midnight City

Midnight City - J. Barton Mitchell

This title was a DNF for me.

I found I had major issues with the POV in Midnight City. At some points, it seemed that it’s 3rd person, and at others it almost seemed omni. Because just when you think you have a handle on whose head your inside, it switches into the head of another character, describing their motivations/reasonings for their actions/behaviour. And, whilst the characters are extremely likeable and the plot intriguing, it’s simply became too distracting for me to continue as it was beginning to mar the enjoyment of my reading. So at page 113, I came to a halt.

If, unlike me, you don’t have issues with POV hopping, I would recommend this title, as the characters do get your attention from the get-go, and they have a lot of likeable qualities–I certainly spotted nothing to make me dislike them–as well as decently developed personalities. It just wasn’t for me.