Angel's Blood

Angels' Blood   - Nalini Singh

This was my first foray into Angels in fiction, thanks to being coerced, nagged, and bullied encouraged by a certain couple of Goodreads members.
However, it turns out I’m glad they coerced, nagged, and bullied encouraged me as this novel was pretty refreshing.
MC was a great character who I liked and connected with right away.
Raphael was an arrogant, dominating (yet totally hot and lickable) angel who I kept wishing would quit teasing the poor woman and just put us all–I mean her out of her misery. I mean, she obviously needed a good man–or angel–to show her some of the good stuff.
But, in all honesty, (despite my comments) the plot was a whole lot stronger for them being made to wait for ‘the act’–it added believability in a story rife with unbelievability (although said unbelievability and having to push that aside for a few hours and enter the ‘unknown to this world’ is one of the reasons I love this genre so much). Yeah, there were some cheesy moments–comes with the territory, right?
Not sure what else there is to say other than I certainly intend to read on to the 2nd in the series