Cursed - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Opening up a Jennifer L. Armentrout novel is a little like taking a stroll through your favourite park, after a dinner of your favourite food, holding the hand of the hottest guy you know, whilst daydreaming of adventure and kicking butt.

And Cursed is no different.

Well, it is—but not like that, if you catch my drift.

I could argue that Cursed is a completely unique premise/story to Jen’s other titles. But the truth is: none of JLA’s series’ are anything alike. Covenant is incomparable to Lux, and both of those are nothing like this.

Yes, there are other novels, as well as films, with similar ‘issues’ for the characters (main or otherwise) to deal with, and yes, I did find myself thinking of certain ones of those once or twice early on in the read—but trust me, when I say, I soon got suckered into this created world and had total focus for the tale spun by Ms A within no time.

I loved the story—but then I do love stories of this kind.

loved Ember.

Olivia is Adorable with a capital A!

And then there was Hayden. *sigh* Man, did JLA spin me with this guy. For ages, I couldn’t read him—couldn’t figure out all his moods, and his intentions—but, yeah, I was kinda sighing and ah’ing within no time as he grew into the kind of guy I hoped he’d turn out to be, and I read that last page with a goofy grin on my face.

At the moment, this novel is a standalone. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Yes, resolution was found by novel’s end. Yes, I left with 100% reader satisfaction.

However, I truly believe it would a crime to JLA fans everywhere if these characters aren’t expanded on (<<shameless emotional blackmail)—because their potential for awesomeness as far as stories go is HUGE!

So, did I enjoy it?


Ya think?!

Do I think you should read it?


Oh, heck to the yes!

Though I do have one more thing to say before I wrap up: Please, Ms Armentrout, consider writing on.

That is all.