Article 5

Article 5 - Kristen Simmons

I expected to enjoy Article 5 and I did enjoy Article 5. After being introduced to dystopia, I’ve pretty much enjoyed all books I’ve read in the genre. I guess one could argue there is only so much a writer can do with the genre, and maybe that’s true. But rather than grow bored, I like how the world building all tends to be the outcome of a worldly occurrence/uprising yet is always told with enough subtle difference to remain unique. So far, anyway.

I really liked Ember’s character from the off. And whilst the reader might not warm to Chase through the up-to-date actions he portrays, the author ensures we come to adore him by tossing in all the memories of a less troubled time, before his soul hardened, before he was forced to become the person he had—and I loved watching little chips of his armour coming away as we saw glimpses of that old Chase begin to shine through. I loved his dedication to Ember, and his determination to keep a made promise, as well as the fact he downplayed it all and led Ember to believe otherwise. I could even forgive him much sooner than Ember did for the secret he’d kept, because I knew without question his motives had been true.

And I really enjoyed the build up to the ending—especially when the rest of the book was paced fairly slow (which did little to diminish my enjoyment of it).

So, a decent plotline, some great character development as well as coolio characters, and clear world building. Yep, the whole book was pretty rife with POV breaches that bothered me somewhat, but they didn’t bug me enough to stall my reading flow. So, I’m deffo looking forward to the second instalment to find out what’s in store for our Em & Chase. :)