Fangs for the Memories

Fangs For The Memories  - Kathy Love

I’ve think I have mixed feelings about this book. There are some great moments throughout. But there are also some not so great moments.

I mean, I liked the story line.

And I really like Sebastian.

And some of the scenes where he was trying to cover everything up at the same time as convincing Rhys and Jane of his charades were chortlingly funny to the point I sat snorting at my Kindle.

But the ending was just so sucky (no pun intended) that I didn’t feel it did the book any justice at all. Everyone was just too accepting of everything in an absolute flash. Christian’s acceptance of what had really happened in a split second. Jane’s flippant acceptance of her new way of life without it even having to be told to her. Just seemed way too contrite and tidy for the sake of being tidy.

With a little more acceptance struggle, I think this would have been a much better read.

At the moment, it’s a half decent read let down by the ending.