Hard Bitten

Hard Bitten  - Chloe Neill

Damn! Did anybody else cry at the end of this one? Please tell me you did so I don’t feel like such a wuss.

How the hell can the author do this to us?

She builds up this character, completely turns him around from arrogant A-hole to something a female might feel an urge to believe in … and then she steals him away.

I’m shocked and appalled and shocked and sad … and I have no frickin’ idea what the fudge to expect next in the books.

Yes, the relationship between the two of them was not the crux of the series but it was what drove so much of it forward and I have to wonder how big a role Ethan played in the why of readers returning book after book–because, I for one was just as interested in their development as I was in plot development.

I’m gutted.

Absolutely gutted.


I’ll read on, though, simply because I have to see how this story can be pulled back with one of its main attractions missing.

Series suicide? Or a very clever move? I’ll let you know