Fateful - Claudia Gray

Okay, so I’m writing this review right out of just finishing the book, which means I need to apologise in advance for any rambling waffle that ensues.

Now I’ll be honest up front, I’m not the world’s biggest fan of the Leo D’C film Titanic, possibly because I have a hubby who watched pretty much every documentary aired on the sinking of the ship to the point it drove me nuts. However, even I cannot help but sit transfixed to the screen once the ship starts sinking—because, whilst the romance of the film does little for me, the tragedy that befalls the passengers makes the horrific event as real as it can ever be for those who weren’t actually there.

And it is those scenes, and the reminder of this event that I believe the world needs every so often, that drag me back to screen when The Man wants to watch it again.

I have to say, my thoughts on the film almost mirror my thoughts for Fateful.

At first, I spotted the words werewolves and Titanic and thought, now this could be interesting. So I was VERY excited when Kayleigh offered to send me her copy to read.

Now I need to try and put how I feel about the book into words.

Here goes:

The werewolves. This part of the story was seriously unbelievable to the point I should have found it humorous—but it was werewolves and werewolves are no laughing matter. O_O

I LOVE werewolves. I truly do. And whilst I was very happy to see the author had created ones that do actually change into wolves, I’m afraid to say the whole deal with Mikhail (sp?) started to get on my nerves. Also, I have to say, I found the whole brotherhood plotline slightly bizarre—although I wonder if it would have appeared AS bizarre had the book had a different setting where we could have better been shown the brotherhood in a greater entirety, rather than just the annoying Russian’s arm of the ‘clan’.

Onto Tess. She’s pretty neat as far as heroines go, it has to be said. In fact, I doubt there’s anything in the book I can pick fault with regarding her personality and motivations.

Then there’s Alec. Well, I was meant to love him, and I pretty much did.

But then we have the dreaded insta-love between them.

I don’t have a problem with insta-love in books—I really don’t. But I do think I’ve read far too many books now where it’s being too conveniently used that, if you want me to accept that these peeps have fallen instantly in love, you’d better have a decent history or magical happening—a solid reasoning—as to why it’s happening for them. And I need to be taught that reasoning, not just told these peeps have been in love since the time they first laid eyes on each other—with it being slipped into far too many PNR’s, it now needs a stronger backing than that.

The opening. To be honest, I wasn’t completely sold on the opening. I thought it took a little while for the book to hit its stride. But once it reached that point, I certainly read through it a lot faster and toward the end, it became harder and harder to put the book down.

The tense. I don’t have anything whatsoever against books written in present tense BUT the tense has to ‘feel right’ for the story it’s telling—and this one just didn’t quite gel in present tense for me. It might be because there were quite a few slips where the tense altered (and I don’t think it was purposeful). Or it might just have been that the story is set so far in MY past with a VERY real life setting during a historical event, that, for some reason, my head couldn’t quite wrap itself around being told it in present tense. This is just a preference, though.

The sinking of the ship. Dude! <Yep, Ms Gray’s depiction of the sinking of the Titanic is KICKASS!

And I have to say, (far more than during any of the romance) that this … THIS is where I had to read the next 50-ish pages through blurred vision because (just like with the film) I second-hand relived the tragedy of it all. For this part of the book alone, I bow down in the author’s direction.

Then there was the ending. I so very much felt Tess’s pain from the moment she was rescued. And whilst I understand why a certain someone was made to pop up, man, was I p****d as all get out to see him again. I almost kept wishing the one we all wanted to show up would just wade from the waves and do some kind of ‘Ta-da!’—even though I knew I’d have sat scoffing at the incredibility of it all, lol.

But anyway, those pretty much cover most of my thoughts. Before I hit the depiction of the sinking, this one was only a 3—but the author moved me to a snuffling wreck, so she earned a little more. :)