Friday Night Bites

Friday Night Bites  - Chloe Neill

The reason for my rating? If this had been a first in series and I hadn’t already allowed myself some investment in the characters in Some Girls Bite, I may well have given up pretty early on. It felt as though there was way too much backstory interwoven with current plot that the plot I should have been concentrating on inthis book didn’t get its full exposure–which meant, it wasn’t always fully explained what was going on or it was rushed to the point the reader was expected to absorb too much in too few words. I was past the halfway mark before I felt this one hit its stride and then I was on a reading roll. I’m unsure how to feel (or how I do feel) about the other vamp. I liked him a lot, as a character and (though my head kept arguing that she should so figure out her feelings for Ethan and his for her) as a potential partner for Merit. However, just as she now is, I’m unsure of his role or loyalties where C is concerned. The development–or unweaving–of Merit’s relationship with Mal was a little sad and I hope they manage to maintain or salvage enough of it to keep at least what closeness they have left. And I’m just realising how much more I seem to have to say about this one than I did the first. But I read this in around 22 hours, so that should tell you how easy a read this is (early confusions aside). And the ending? Dude, the author left that on such a cliffhanger that any reader who didn’t have the next book to dive right into would most likely be screwing, I’d imagine. I’ll definitely be hitting up book 3 right away.