Shadowbound by Rachel Vincent

Shadow Bound - Rachel Vincent

The only other books I’ve read of Rachel’s are her Shifter’s series, which took me the entirety of the six books to realise I loved it—and I believe part of that was how much I enjoyed witnessing how much her writing had developed over the course of the story.

Shadow Bound is the first of hers I’ve read since then and I have got to say: Wow!

From the beginning of Rachel’s career to this?

Dude, Rachel’s Vincent’s writing is now the dogs b****ks!

I absolutely loved Shadow Bound. I was a little worried about keeping up with the world building because I haven’t read Blood Bound, but I needn’t have concerned myself because Shadow Bound 100% holds its own and not once was I left confused or wondering who was whom, or what the heck was going on.

And that’s just another notch to add to its plusses: the world building. It’s complex but easy to grasp (because it’s been written that way), it’s creative, it’s well thought out, it’s just … well, pretty awesome. And I don’t use the word ‘awesome’ in my reviews very often.

From the opening chapter that had me totally and utterly gripped and ensured the main female had my sympathy, my empathy, my awe, my connection … to Ian, who had my attention (ha!), and just about every other emotion I need to have provoked by a male lead for me to yearn for the ‘anticipated outcome’ because he was strong, and likeable, and HAWT! and conflicted in all the right ways (waffle-much!) … to the action and the ending, as each and every corner of the tale was turned with such ease it was like we were guided by the best SatNav on earth … yeah, I’ve pretty much not got anything bad to say about this one.

Sure, there were a couple of lulls in the pace, here and there, but *shrug* I was too busy mentally ogling Ian to give two hoots about those.

Like I said: this one’s the dogs b****ks.

That is all!