Howling at the Moon by Karen MacInerney

Howling at the Moon - Karen MacInerney

For about the first half of this book, I wasn’t that impressed. I found the conversational tone and the (not very witty) narration somewhat irksome. Even the (thousands of) asides (used like they were going out of fashion) seriously got on my nerves. However, there were a few amusing factors that kept me reading. Like Sophie’s constant need to shave her legs, and that doing so meant she ended up as a bald-legged wolf whenever she transformed. The panty-hose incident. And the pickles she always seemed to find herself in.

Though they were somewhat counteracted by the totally irritating number of times the author felt she needed to remind us of Sophie’s werewolf status. It wasn’t just a case of poking a reminder, it was ramming it down the reader’s throat like they’re totally thick. I was just on the verge of getting angry with these repetitions (of EVERYTHING!) when Sophie’s presentation scene popped up.

You see, Sophie chugs down wolfsbane tea throughout the entire book to keep her wolfie instincts under control, but there are apparently four full moons a year during which she cannot deny her instincts. And her boss goes and schedules a presentation on one of them that Sophie has no chance of getting out of.

However, to get herself through said presentation, she feeds herself enough wolfsbane to sicken an entire platoon, whilst telling herself her mothers warnings of side effects are unfounded and not to be heeded. Um … yeah, right.

The entire scene was just snort-worthy hilarious. The ‘horns’ she sees growing out of the CEO’s (of the company they’re entertaining) head–that’d be the hallucinations. The plug that keeps groaning in its efforts to get free of the socket so it can bite her–paranoia-much! And that bloody lisp of her hers? *Snort* That scene totally turned my entire opinion of the book around and made me glad I’d read on. I even have a feeling that said CEO guy might end up showing his face again in the future.

I will say there was a LOT left unresolved at the end–but only the bits to do with Sophie’s love life. The mystery that the plot revolved around came to a closure, but the hot werewolf dude was left hanging with a hint that he’d return but no idea to the reader what his intentions are toward Sophie, and then Heath–who might be hot and just lovely–just didn’t seem the right ‘fit’ for her … which is evident in how  easily she kissed the hot werewolf. Coz if she was 100% smitten with Heath, those interactions would never have happened.

Okay, that’s a lot of waffle I’ve written when I didn’t think I had that much to say.

Long story short:

Did I enjoy the book? Um … yes, but not totally until I’d moved into the second half and the MC managed to make me laugh out loud for the first time (the humour in the first half just didn’t quite pull it off).

Am I interested in reading the 2nd book in the series? Yep. I am.