Shift by Rachel Vincent

Shift - Rachel Vincent

Dammit! The story didn’t end! How can she keep doing this to me? I need to know what’s going to happen between Jace & Marc. Okay, this book had some completely different stuff going on. With flying foe, and the s**t hitting the fan when Faythe and Jace’s secret is exposed, I was pretty much entertained. Admittedly, the opening wasn’t truly gripping, and I was a little disappointed at the miniscule mention given to the potentially-pregnant-with-Ethan’s-baby issue that landed at the end of the previous book like a HUGE clanger, but once I was in, I was in to the death.

There now has to be some kind of resolution in the next book for the love triangle going on. Only problem is, I love Marc as much as I love Jace (albeit for different reasons, and different ways), and if I were her, I’d be seriously trying to figure out a way to keep both of them. All I can say is: poor Marc. His world’s been turned upside down and he found out in a real s****y way, at a seriously bad time. AND: poor Jace. He’s so in love with Faythe, and I love how he’s suddenly stepped up to the mark (no pun intended) and is willing to fight for her. But I don’t think this can end any way but badly, and I don’t think it can end any way that will leave me happy. Because I want her to have Jace (because he’s simply adorable), and I want her to have Marc (because he’s manly and possessive). However, I have a horrid feeling the only way forward would be for her to end up with neither of them–otherwise there’s a chance one of them may die … and I don’t want that!