Tempting the Best Man by J. Lynn

Tempting the Best Man  - J. Lynn

There’s nothing quite like being in love with a YA author’s writing, only to find she’s releasing something that her ‘older’ audience can really sink their teeth into. I had high expectations for this going in … to the point, I found out about it …. Ten minutes later, I’d nabbed a copy …. And soon as I’d finished (yes, the same day) what my head was currently in (which just happened to be one said author’s YA titles, lol), I picked this one up.

Was I disappointed?

Well, I read way later than I should have in bed last night (a totally appropriate place to be reading this ;) ) and I finished it off this morning around getting the kidlets ready for school and eating breakfast and twittering.

Does that answer your question?

Okay, here’s a little more:

- Maddie. I soooooooooooo relate to this character. My best friend when I was growing up was the youngest in her family. By about a 7 year age gap, she had three older brothers. So, hanging around at her house often meant being amongst said older brothers and their older mates. Whilst it was never ‘cool’ for them to be hanging around with them, they always tolerated us. And if me and my friend were ever out and about, it was like a little family of protectiveness, because we’d always bump into at least one of them and they’d be asking why we weren’t home yet. So although I’ve only seen it from the pov of a friend of someone just like Maddie, I 100% understand the relationship system that J. Lynn has created. And I have to say, she nailed it spot on. Maddie isn’t the spoilt brat she might appear at first reading–especially to someone who doesn’t get it–she’s the young who has grown up surrounding by people always looking out for her, and totally treated like something special. And in case you didn’t catch it? All those vulnerabilities of hers, as a result of that cocooning, are pretty much spot on as well.

- Chase. What’s not to love? Seriously? He’s a little something for everyone. To begin, he sounds like the arrogant a$$ some girls love to hate or hate to love–yeah, the one everyone loves in fiction coz his wisea$$ cracks aren’t aimed at themselves. And by the end, once all of his vulnerabilities are laid bare to the reader, we see a totally different side of him as he softens and the tenderness moves in–though even tender, he seems a bit of a force to be reckoned with, which ain’t necessarily a bad thing.

- So, once again, this author’s characterisation is high up on ranking scale.

- What about supporting cast? Yep, all good, all full-bodied, all individual and quirky and leave the reader with a desire to know more about them. Yep, I’ve left with a full understanding of each of the character’s personalities, too. And Maddie’s friend from work–Bridget? She’s a hoot and had me chuckling away at the end scene. :)

- Oh, and let’s not forget the plot. Yeah, the setting was coolio, the whole spread of one day after another was perfectly paced, and the twistaroo where Chased became Chaser (<<see what I did there?) was just smile-worthy.

That, me dearies, is why there was ZERO disappointment. That, me lovelies, is why this one got rated a FIVE!

So … how long till Unchained’s out then?