Rogue by Rachel Vincent

Rogue - Rachel Vincent

What did I think?

Well, I’ll admit I was kinda relieved to find it way smaller than the first novel in the series, and hoped that due to the lesser volume it would get into the story faster. Um … it did … but only slightly. Like Stray, Rogue was a little slow to begin and took some perserverence to get me to the good stuff. BUT, there was some good stuff to be had once the writing hit its pace, and I admittedly even had an OMG! moment in there at one point (but … not when I was hit with something–it was when *I* figured out what was coming on my own, my own revelation so to speak). There were a few shockers in here–unfortunately, I didn’t not see any of them coming.

Marc. I love Marc. For all his faults and possessiveness, I think he’s adorable. I also think Faythe doesn’t deserve him (not sure what that says about my opinion on the mc). However, I did kind of think boooooo on him when he walked out on her (despite it being one of the strongest acts he’d ever performed). I’ll also admit to being a little disappointed that it really did turn out to be Faythe that had bitten Andrew. I really didn’t want her to have. I wanted her to just think it was her, and for it to have turned out to be Luiz (because he’s evil). I very much enjoyed Faythe’s mother in this book–I see some development in her character from the last book–but her constant portrayal of disappointment in Faythe p****s me off some, and maybe it’s that which allows me to still sympathise with a character who acts like a spoilt brat. Oh, and at the end when the other tabby ended up sticking around? I think Faythe would have a much stronger aversion to this. She’s had it drummed into her that she’s something special and been treated as such by all the male members of the pride–and this new tabby would be a serious threat to that stability in Faythe’s life–so I’m not so sure that was as realistic/in character as I’d have expected.
But, overall, I enjoyed it enough to pick up Pride and read on.