Stray by Rachel Vincent

Stray - Rachel Vincent

I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it because I did. It was more the over-telling, the overexplaining, the repetitions that made it seem like the writer assumed the reader couldn’t keep up without them. All of those slowed down the pace way too much. Thankfully, I’m a persistent bugger, but I’m sad to say that Faythe didn’t truly have my attention until she made it home and introduced me to a roomful of hot tabbies. That was some way through the opening and I think that may be what makes the book as readable as it is. The MC can be a little difficult to connect with–mostly because she doesn’t seem to have much self-respect or morals. I got she was confused, but an MC needs to have some redeeming qualities and a reason for us to feel some sympathy for her when everything goes sour–but those redeeming qualities took way too long to show up. A lot of tightening and a lot more shame instead of self-pity from the MC would have probably nudged this one up to a 4.