Pure by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Pure  - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Once I’d gotten through the first couple of chapters and fallen back into the land of Halfs and Pures, I was home free. But, I certainly wouldn’t recommend anyone reading this book without having first read Half Blood because you will be confused.
However, Jennifer’s writing has such a simplistic, natural flow to it that any story she writes is literally an absolute breeze to tumble head-first into. I loved spending more time with Alex. Seriously loved spending more time with Seth. I’ve noticed there seems to be a lot of Team Aiden versus Team Seth going around but, dayam, I rather like the both of them. Though, by the end of Pure, I was almost leaning slightly more toward Seth. Most probably because I’d taken a liking to the guy who seemed as misunderstood by himself as he was by everyone else; so for us to be shown just how he can be toward Alex only endeared me to him more. Then there was all the cold shoulder stuff from Aiden to solidify my angle. Yes, yes, I get that we’re supposed to read more into it and understand that Aiden’s only doing everything he does to protect Alex. BUT, the author does a decent enough job that we understand the situation mostly from Alex’s perspective, and grasp her feelings and emotions, rather than allowing ourselves to fully look at the situation from a clearer perspective. So right at this moment, I’m all HELL YES! to the Seth and Booo! to the Aiden–although his actions at the end (whilst totally expected) did redeem him a little for upsetting our girl.
Something tells me, though, that Aiden will end up being the way for her to go. I’ll be shocked as hell if that ain’t the outcome.
And as if Alex’s twisted love lives aren’t enough to drive the story along, we have all the oracle stuff that’s as hard for us to interpret as it is for Alex, so I’m heading out of this title quite possibly as confused as she and wondering how the heck this is all going to end. I imagine, however, that it won’t be pretty.
Oh, and I won’t even mention the death that sent me into a spin to the point I had a mini rant on Twitter directed at poor Jennifer L. Armentrout. Something tells me I’m forgiven, though, as the only response I got was a lol. ;o)
Anyhoo, that’s enough random rambling and waffle from me–especially as I’ve tried to keep this one as spoiler free as possible besides giving away stuff that anyone who read Half Blood through more than squinted eyes would have predicted being on the agenda. So … when the hell’s Deity out? Coz I need it. Like, now!