Half Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Half-Blood - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Prior to reading Half Blood, I read Obsidian. My review for that was a crazy a$$ed rave because it blew me away. So, not surprisingly, I could barely wait to pick up Half Blood and see what other kinds of awesomeness JLA had up her sleeve. I wasn’t disappointed.
Yes, the beginning of Half Blood took me a little longer to get into than Obsidian (which sucked me in like a vortex), but that was mainly to do with the world building and how much I needed to absorb in order to understand what was going on. Though the fact I’d read Daimon certainly helped with that. I’ve also seen complaints that the opening is a lot like another YA series. Making that comparison wasn’t an issue for me as I haven’t read the other series. All I know is, once everything had sunk in that needed to, I was on a home run. There may have been one or two spots that I thought were longer than they needed to be and slowed down an otherwise great pace, but overall this one held and kept my interest from real early on.

One thing I do feel a need to add, though, is this: If you do happen to have read Obsidian first, don’t go into Half Blood expecting another Daemon. Aiden couldn’t have been more of an opposing male. He’s cute, and considerate, and tender, and caring, and patient. And totally adorable in a whole other way. I am very interested to see what ‘love-life’ complications are upcoming though. With the Seth development, I imagine everything’s going to get real interesting.

Oh, yeah, and I don’t trust her step-father one bit.

So if you’re after a kick-ass yet emotional read, this one might be for you. My fanship of JLA has only increased now I’ve read more of her greatness.